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I actually found Max on Yelp and I would have to consider it one of my more lucky strokes of luck. The lawsuit was a long, drawn-out process–mostly waiting for the city to respond–and every step of the way Max was there to guide me, hold my hand, reassure me. I had never been involved in a lawsuit before and had no frame of reference. If you have no knowledge of a process you’re going through, you’d better have someone in your corner who knows exactly what happens next, who’s prepared you to the best of your ability, and who you believe has your best interests at heart. Everyone knows lawyers aren’t doing it for fun and for free (with some exceptions), but they can also be cynical, abrupt, and dismissive. Max is kind, caring, extremely personable, and compassionate, but in a room full of alpha lawyers, you’ll be glad he’s on YOUR side. I can’t thank him enough for shepherding me through this often unsettling process and for resolving my case more than satisfactorily without having to go to trial. I would use him again in a heartbeat, but I hope this will be my first–and last–lawsuit.

Kim C.

Max was an absolute godsend!

I was referred to him by a friend after being involved in a very difficult and complex collision accident. I’ve been dealing with this case for over a year now and after hearing news of going to trial I felt totally helpless. After our first phone conversation I felt like a massive weight had been lifted. He has gone out of his way to explain all the steps in detail with me so I understand, he’s been incredibly proactive and communicative the whole way through.

I thank my lucky stars every day that I got in touch with him and would refer him a million times over. You’re in the best possible hands with Max.

Maggie D.

I was involved in a hit-and-run accident in March of 2012 while riding my bike. The car hit me while I was riding my bike across a crosswalk with a walk sign on. I went to the emergency room that day but it took me a few weeks to realize that my injuries were permanent. I was angry, depressed, and in great deal of pain. By the time I got a copy of the police report and realized that a witness had identified the driver, months had passed by.

I kept expecting the other side (AKA the driver and his insurance carrier Wawanesa insurance) to “do the right thing” and I was disappointed by their actions over and over. I was disappointed that the driver hit me and drove off, I was disappointed that he lied about hitting me and I was most disappointed that Wawanesa Insurance would refuse to reimburse me for my medical expenses until they were legally forced to.

After dealing with lawyers that represent Wawanesa insurance for years, one thing is clear: they will use every dirty trick in the book to make you give up the fight. I knew that was I was telling the truth but that doesn’t matter unless you have a lawyer that is ready to step up and be a true advocate for you. I was very lucky to have Mr. Max Draitser on my side in the courtroom along with Mr. Brian Breiter.

My case was not an easy one but Max and Brian were well prepared and fought for me with every ounce of their being. I was continually amazed at how they anticipated what was needed at each critical moment. I am happy to say that we won and justice was finally served. I was able to get damages and I am grateful. I think equally important to me was the fact that a jury found the driver responsible for causing all this heartache and pain and I was so relieved when they did.

I will never be able to thank Max, Brian, Mark and everyone else that helped bring this matter to a successful close. I hope I never need hire to a trial litigator again but if I do, I would want Mr. Max Draitser by my side.

Beth L.

I have only had one experience with a lawyer before hiring Max and that was when I was much younger. However, to this day I remember how I felt like the lawyer did not really listen or care about what I had to say and that he was going to do whatever he had set his mind to. Max is the opposite of that. He listened to everything I had to say and communicated very openly about everything throughout the entire process. He handled setting up all my medical appointments and has even gone above and beyond AFTER a settlement was reached and his job was technically complete. I highly recommend that you give him a call if you need a lawyer.

Adam R.

I have the utmost respect for Mr. Draister. After my accident, Mr. Draister represented me in my case. He kept me well informed on the legal process and the status of my case. I can attest that Mr. Draister is a miracle worker and a master at his craft. I am grateful for the results he was able to achieve and could not be more grateful to have him as my lawyer. As a military member my schedule hardly allowed for continuous contact however, Mr. Draister found a way to get everything that needed to be done accomplished. Again, I am grateful for Mr.Draister and all he has done for me. Thank you!!!

Eric S.

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