Max Draitser

I grew up in Southern California.  My first real bike was a Huffy dirt bike my folks bought second hand for my eighth birthday and I’ve been two-wheeling ever since.   I moved on to a road bike as a teen, earning my Bicycling merit badge as a Boy Scout.  Later, mountain bikes, hybrids and cruisers have all gotten me around, whether around town on errands, on the bike paths with my kids or on longer rides with other cyclists.

As an attorney, I’ve spent the last fourteen years representing people injured due to other’s carelessness or recklessness and now focus my efforts representing cyclists.  If you or a loved one has been injured while on a bike, please contact us for a free consultation.

No Fee Unless You Win!

We hire all experts, pay filing fees, arrange for medical care on lien, and do not require any fees unless you get a settlement. Our fee structure is based on a percentage of your settlement so we are committed to getting you the best settlement possible.


Consultations are free.
We can even come to you!

We Are Full Service

We handle all aspects of your case:

  • Police Reports
  • Insurance Companies
  • Field Investigators
  • Filing all Paperwork
  • Negotiating with All Parties
  • Medical Attention on Lien (if necessary)
  • Prosecuting Your Case in Court
We take care of all details so you can get life back on track.

Our Clients Are Very Happy

Listening is key to letting our clients know that they and their case are important … that we genuinely care.  A good outcome for us includes a happy client who doesn’t feel as if they’ve been “processed.”

Each client has unique needs. We pay attention.


We’re here for you.

“Max is kind, caring, extremely personable, and compassionate, but in a room full of alpha lawyers, you’ll be glad he’s on YOUR side.”


We’re here to help.

Injured in a Bicycle Crash?

If you have been hurt while riding your bike we can help get your bike fixed, medical bills covered, and get your life back.

Offered a Settlement?

Do not accept the Insurance settlement! It is very important that you be advised by a bicycle attorney about the true value of your case.

Who Was at Fault?

It takes a specialist to make that determination. Max has personally won settlements for many clients that were initially blamed for the crash.

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